Behind the Green Eyes

{March 3, 2011}   Drunken Whiskey Night (poem)



“You’ll never defeat me”

She stammers through her drunkenness

As she pulls out his picture

That she kept in the bottom drawer.

Starring at his face

Glaring at his dark blue eyes

She remembers the evil

That hides within his soul.

The evil you would never know

Unless you’ve been on the receiving end

As she had time and time again.

Through her drunken slurs

She remembers the pain he caused

The pain that drove her

To drink an entire bottle of whisky

The pain that turned her

Into the dark angel she is.

“I hate you, I hate you, I wish you’d die”

She screams with her slurred speech.

Her blond hair ruffled

Pain deep in her heart

She looks at his picture once again

Then tosses it into the fireplace.

As the picture turns to ashes

She cries herself into a peaceful sleep.

Where in the morning she will awaken

And not remember

The drunken whisky night!


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