Behind the Green Eyes

{March 3, 2011}   Dark Angel Sings Poem

Okay, so it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, years infact, so I’m hoping that blogging again will help me get back my creative side, so that I can begin writing again & finish the books I’ve already started. Anyways, here’s my first post, it was originally written in October of ‘07, but I do like this one & it’s part of the book I’ve been wanting to start working on again..



The dark angel opens her eyes

Looking around

She sees the pain in the night.

The dark angel spreads her wings

Wanting to help

With the power she sings.

Her words of sorrow

Speak to those

Looking for love in the pane glass window.

The dark angels eyes

Full of pain

Sees the others cry.

Wanting to assist those in pain

Her words come out louder

Trying to sing over the pounding rain.

The dark angel’s eyes well with tears

From the pain she’s felt

For the past four years.

Feel her mounting pain

See it in her eyes

Her blood left it’s stain.

Once again she spreads her wings

Mounting with sorrow

The dark angel sings.

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