Behind the Green Eyes

{April 5, 2012}   done for the night…….

I really need to take a break. I’ve spent the last two hours working on some writing for my book. I’m trying to finally get it finished. While I’ve made quite a bit of progress, I’ve also managed to put myself in a depressed mood. I’m remembering things I don’t want to remember. Remembering pain that I’d thought I’d long ago buried, but more than that there’s guilt. And I hate that more than anything.  So I think I’m done for tonight.. Maybe tomorrow I can write without all the emotions. Right now I’m not sure how i’ll ever be able to finish this book, cause it’s just to hard to do when I’m feeling like this. I hate it. I really really hate it…….


Without emotions while writing you end up with dross, boring and mechanical words or The Twilight Saga…

thanks.. not going to lie tho, i actually like the twilight saga.. I know, I know.. I’ve heard everyone’s arguments against it, and while I agree with most of it, I still enjoy it.. lol

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