Behind the Green Eyes

{April 8, 2012}   blowing off steam

Well, all my energy has been drained. I was so excited earlier to be working on this new project, I had tons of ideas and thoughts, and was ready to pick back up from this morning and begin working again. But that all changed. The next door neighbors had to start their shit up again. Needless to say it pissed me off to know ends. Nothing ruins your day quicker and drains your energy more than stupid people running their stupid mouths and doing shit to piss me the fuck off.. I was so fucking geared up for a fight but of course they are comfortable yelling and screaming on their property when there are 10 of them and one of me. Put as soon as my mother in law walks down to have my back they all shut the fuck up and just give me dirty looks.. God they are a bunch of chicken fucks. You wait till my husband leaves to start shit, then as soon as i have someone to back me up again you shut the fuck up… If you wanna do shit then do it. But really you’d rather wait until there’s 4 girls and 6 boys versus just me? really what the fuck? I’m not that bad ass i swear. Even with 1 other person to back me up, i’m sure you’d still take my ass considering that every one of you mother fuckers are twice the size of me. But still! Quit running your fucking mouths, stay off my property, and let my children have some piece. I swear to you if one of you so much as looks at my kids the wrong way, i’ll have your fucking heads. I didn’t yell once while you had children outside, in fact i never yelled at all. So if you wanna do something do it.. Just leave my children out of it.  And if it’s gonna be a man to do it at least have the balls to do it when my husband is around instead of acting like a pussy and doing it when it’s just me. 

Yea i know i’m still pissed, but trying to calm down now….. going to watch some left 4 dead you tube videos with my kiddos.. Why left 4 dead, because my children have a strange obsession with that game and all of the videos on you tube.. Oh well anything to see them smile, and of course their smiles make me feel better…


I say fart in their general direction….

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