Behind the Green Eyes

{April 12, 2012}   first chapters of new project

okay so i’ve reworked some of the new project that i’m working on. i’m actually liking the way this is playing out. Keep in mind that the flashbacks are from each character’s point of view. When the time comes there will be a point of view of the accused of what he remembered happening the night he’s accused of raping the main character’s friend. But in order to get there you have to know the background story first which is where all the flashbacks start. so here’s the start of the first two chapters (oh by the way chapter 1 is a little short because I had the idea for chapter 2 in my head before i could finish chapter 1. And of course chapter 2 is just getting started). Feedback welcomed:

Chapter 1

ADA Davis was a lean dark haired man. He’d prosecuted many crimes, this one was just another notch in his belt. But this time it was more than that to so many others who watched him make is way to stand in front of the jury as he began his opening argument.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, over the next few weeks in this courtroom you will hear a lot of testimony. You will be provided with the facts, showed the evidence that our detectives have gathered, and then after all that, you will be asked to decide if this man is guilty of the crimes he is charged. Did Mr. Damien McGee, a known MMA fighter, with the strength to stop any woman from fighting back, no matter how hard she tried, commit rape in the first degree, as well as attempted rape? And I believe that when you hear and see all the evidence you will see that yes this man is indeed guilty on all charges”

Jeanna found herself starring at the defendant, and trying to tune out the prosecutors words.  Damien looked different, stressed; maybe he had even lost a few pounds.  The man she knew so well, yet maybe doesn’t know at all. She wondered how they had come to be sitting here in this courtroom, with him about to stand trial for the worst possible crime committed against women, and with her to testify as a witness for the prosecution instead of for him. The prosecutor continued to speak but Jeanna had lost all interest in what he was saying. She found her eyes on the man she had come to know, she thought rather well. There he was conversing with his lawyer; she still had trouble wrapping her head around the fact that the man she had considered her friend, a man she once thought she loved was accused of these heinous acts. Soon her mind was wondering back to where it all began.

It was a very hot July day as I walked along the sidewalk of the streets of Memphis on my way back to the apartment I shared with my fiancé Bobby. I had been working night and day for the past week trying to finalize every last piece of my book that I had been working on since I’d graduated from college last year. Now at the age of 23 I was finally about to make my lifelong dream come true.  I finally had an editor who was actually interested in something I had written and wanted the first copy next week to forward to the publishers to see if they were interested as she was.  I’d been so busy over the past week making sure everything was perfect that I’d barely had any time for Bobby. Bobby and I had met when I was a junior in college and he was a rookie fresh out of the Police Academy. Now he’s been on the force for three years, and hoping to make detective soon. At 25 he is very ambitious and strong, and I loved that about him. He knew what he wanted and knew how to get there. I was so proud of him and new that he’d make a wonderful detective. He’d been working a lot of hours as of late also, so we hadn’t had a lot of time together for a while. My constant working this past week had only stretched our time together even thinner.  We’d been together the past three years and now we had a December wedding to plan, and we were way behind on the wedding planning. All I needed to do was get this book finished and then I’d be good to get back into my wedding planning, and I knew that he had a few days off coming up soon, so we’d get back to our selves soon.

            But for now I needed to get back home to meet with him before his shift started tonight. I wanted to surprise him with a nice dinner for just the two of us. I was mentally planning the perfect dinner for this evening when my phone buzzed in my pocket indicating I had a new text message. As I pulled the phone out of my pocket to read the message I had no idea totally forgotten to pay attention to where I was going. The message was from Bobby, he had just woken up and was wondering where I had wondered off to. He had expected me to still be holed up in the spare bedroom in our apartment that I had turned into my home office where I’d basically spent the past week. So to find me gone at 12 in the afternoon had actually surprised him. Bobby was wonderful, he knew how important this book was to me, and he supported me completely.  I know I had neglected him a bit over the past week, but he never uttered a word about it. He was absolutely perfect. I was juggling the bag of groceries in my hand and sending him a reply letting him know I was almost home, completely oblivious to anything out, when I literally ran into something, or maybe the more appropriate word was someone.


 When our two bodies collided I nearly stumbled backwards and almost dropped the bag of groceries I had been juggling along with my iPhone. But before I could actually fall to the ground two strong arms snaked around my back catching me and stabling me upright along with my bag of groceries and cell phone. I could feel the heat of the blush tinting my cheeks I looked up at the man who thankfully kept me from falling flat on my backside.

“I’m so sorry, I was staring at my iPhone and not paying any attention to where I was going” I said shyly to the man who I now realized had the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen. It’s wasn’t just that his eyes were beautiful, it was the way he was looking into my eyes, it was as if they were seeing into my soul.

“It’s quite alright, I’m just as much to blame as you are. I wasn’t paying any attention either. Apparently my blackberry should have come with a warning that said Danger to health when walking down the street trying to text.” The man replied with such smoothness in his voice that my knees nearly went weak, but his reply also made me laugh because it was true, texting while walking down the street could be a hazard apparently, you never knew when you’d literally run into someone.

“Yea I agree, you never know when walking down the street texting it may be your last because you just plowed straight into some guy who just happened to be doing the same thing” I said with a giggle. As soon as the sound escaped my lips I covered my mouth with my hand that was still holding my cell phone and mentally smacked myself, I couldn’t believe I was giggling like a teenager to this man I had just ran into.  Here I was a 27 year old woman and I was giggling like I was still in high school.

“Well at least I got to meet a beautiful woman out of my mishap, I’m Damien” he replied with smoothness in his voice, once again making my legs go weak at the knees, as he extended his hand to me.  

I extended my hand to him and taking his hand in mine, I attempted to get my jitteriness under control, “I’m Jeanna. But I should really get going though I have a lot of work to do.” Why I was so jittery I couldn’t explain, but what was even worse was that I had just lied to this man. I wasn’t in a hurry to get work done, I was supposed to be going home to meet my fiancé. He’s the one I should be thinking of, not this gorgeous man standing in front of me making me feel flustered and nervous like a teenage school girl.

“I understand, once again I am sorry Jeanna about running into you like that. I promise from now on no texting while walking down the street.” he said with a smile.

“Thank you Damien, I’ll do my best to do the same. See you around Damien” I replied trying to mask the nervous butterflies that were about to eat me away.

“Oh I do intend to see you again Jeanna” he said as she walked away. The way he said it only added to the butterflies that I hadn’t felt in my stomach for years. The last time I’d felt that way was when I’d first met Bobby. Who by the way, was probably in our apartment waiting on me, wondering what was taking me so long. As I walked away from the mysterious Damien, I knew I’d have a lot of calming down to do before I could walk through the door. It had been so long since someone had made me feel so flustered, and it definitely a strange and foreign sensation to me.

The walk back to my apartment after meeting Damien was a short one. I was only a block away when I’d physically run smack into him. So as I walked away from him, I was walking at a much slower pace than I had originally been walking. I hated feeling this way about a complete stranger, but if I was being honest at the same time it was exciting. It had been a long time since I’d felt this way that it was almost as if it was completely new to me. But it was wrong I knew that, more than anything. I was happily engaged to Bobby, we were getting married in December. I loved him, and he loved me. Nothing could ever change that. As I got off the elevator on my floor and walked down the hall the few feet to my door I was much calmer, and ready for a wonderful evening with Bobby, at least until had to leave to go to work.


            About five minutes after we had finished dinner, Bobby got a call to go into work early. So I cleaned up our small kitchen by myself, when I had finished I found a box of wedding magazines. Not in the mood to do any writing or reviewing tonight, I figured now was a perfect time as any to get started on the planning. But the task of planning a wedding by myself was a daunting one, so I picked my cell phone up and texted my best friend and Maid of honor Jennifer. She agreed to meet me at her place to start the wedding planning. Our date was only five months away and so far the only thing we had picked out was our invitations and my dress. So much more needed to be done. I grabbed the huge box of wedding magazines, and my car keys, and headed out the door hoping no one was coming out of the elevator, because the box was so large I was having trouble seeing over it.  I hadn’t even made it the few feet down the hall to the elevator, when for the second time today I ran into someone.

 Chapter 2

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, Damien McGee is an honorable man” the defense attorney began, as he approached the jury in his high priced Armani suit. “The prosecution would like to try him based on his decisions and judgments he’s made in life. He’s made mistakes, we all have. But he has never once hurt any woman, and we intend to prove to you that the man that is currently on trial for these heinous crimes is indeed innocent and the real criminal is walking around still a free man.”

Damien should have been paying attention to every word his lawyer was saying to the jury, after all the man was trying to save his future and keep him from spending the better part of said future out of jail. But instead his eyes looked around the large courtroom and landed on the woman he hoped would save him with her testimony. Hell he knew she wanted to, but even her testimony may not have been enough to save him, while she didn’t want to believe that it was him that was responsible for what had happened to the other women or the one that had been stalking her, he knew part of her had given up on that hope long time ago. Damn, her husband the detective would be more than happy to share his testimony, hell he had wanted Damien out of his wife’s life for years now. As his eyes lingered longer than they should have on her, he too began to think back to that first day.

I’d been living in this Memphis for a few months now. I was actually begging to really enjoy being here. When I ran into her that first day, my first thought was to yell at her and tell her to watch her the fuck she was walking. Although it was just as much my fault for starring at that stupid blackberry as it was hers. But the moment I looked up at her, I lost all train of thought, she was absolutely gorgeous. I’ve met many women but none of them compared to her. When her checks blushed that shade of pink I thought what was left of my heart was going to explode, and that cute little giggle that escaped her lips, was actually sexy as fuck. If I had been paying more attention to where I was going instead of staring at that stupid blackberry I never would have bumped into her. Hell for once in my life I was thankful that everyone I knew was being a pain in my ass today with all their texting. But after I let her walk away I like an idiot, I didn’t even get her number, or her last name. All I know is that her first name is Jeanna, and I was sure as hell going to be late to the gym.

            The gym was a complete bust that day. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. The other guys totally kept me on my ass all day. The only thing I could think of was her. When I made it back to my apartment building I checked the mail and then headed up the elevator to my apartment. I swear I hadn’t made it 10 feet off the elevator when I physically ran into her again. Once again I was paying attention to my stupid blackberry and not where I was walking. My coach wanted to know why I wasn’t on my game today. I was quickly sending him a text back letting him know that I just needed to clear my head and I’d be ready for the fight by Friday night, when bam. My body ran straight into something, or should I say someone. 

            I looked up to see her beautiful face once again looking at me over a box. I placed my hands on her shoulders to steady us both and then said with a smile, “well it’s obvious I broke my promise to never walk while texting again.” Once again she let that sexy giggle escape her mouth and it made my heart and other places do a little dance having had the desired effect. Something about this girl had my heart thumping to it’s own beat. I knew deep down that she was different than the other girls, I could feel in deep with by bones. There was no way she could be just another one night stand. No, she was more than that. 


Sexy as fuck does not work try Sexy as all hell or something and blackberry is Blackberry as in Rollerblades are a maker of inline skates if that helps any. Good strong start but I still implore you to read some court fiction anyway to get a better feel for the drama there and really reading can’t ever hurt ya =)

awesome, yea i know that about Blackberry, I guess i was just busy typing away and didn’t even catch that one.. thanks, I’m glad to know that it’s a good start. And I’m def. going to be reading some court fiction, i’m going to the book store tomorrow to see what I can find..

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