Behind the Green Eyes

{April 13, 2012}   love poem

Okay so the other day I was trying my best to write a poem that wasn’t my usual black cloud poems, sparked with anger, depression, and sadness. I wanted to write a love poem, which I haven’t done in so many years that I honestly can’t remember when the last good one was written. Anyways this was the best I could do with a love poem. Honestly, I’m better at writing dark poetry than I am at happy ones…


I look in your eyes

I see the truth in there

The truth in your heart and soul.

You don’t always say the words

And sometimes I wish you said them more

But looking in your eyes I see it there.

The love we share

We’ve both made mistakes in the past

But we can’t live with regrets.

Time has changed us both

Yet our love has never changed.

I hold your hand,

You caress my shoulder.

Your gentle touch

Reminds me that even in the toughest of time

Our love is enough.

Your arms guide me safely to sleep

Where the nightmares stay away.

Your arms, our love

That is my safety.

Our love is all I need

Even when the world around us

Seems to be falling apart

Tomorrow will be a new day

And our love will always stay.

The truth in your eyes

Is all I need

To reassure me.


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