Behind the Green Eyes

{April 14, 2012}   Dear Mr. Jim

Mr Jim

You’ve always been a great friend.

When the chips were down,

Your hot liquid that burned my throat and chest 

Were there to make me feel

Like the world didn’t exist.

As your taste 

Hit the back of my throat

I knew it wouldn’t be but just a few more shots

from your long necked bottle

To make me forget all the pain. 

You’ve never lied to me

You’ve instead

Always been there to comfort me.

You’ve loved me

As I have you. 

Your burning flavor

Comforts me

You understand me in my time of need.

I love the feel of your warm liquid

Trespassing my body,

Sending me into a numb state

As I forget all the pain

Of this incredibly horrible day.

Mr Jim

There’s no one quite like you

No one who can comfort me

The way you do.

And for that I will always love you

As I know you will me..



This is a poem that I just wrote on the fly after a couple of shot of Jim.. yes it’s funny, it’s meant to be that way.. I’m actually going to use this as inspiration in my book when the main character gets a little to drunk after a horrible day and has no one to turn too… 


I never cared to mix alcohol and or drugs and writing but that is me I like this one it is cute, curt and it flows well…

thanks.. I don’t write when drunk either, infact i’ve only been drunk once in my life. But sometimes after a shot of whiskey i have ideas running through my head that i prob never would have thought of otherwise and i run with it.. lol

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