Behind the Green Eyes

{April 24, 2012}   advice needed

Okay, so I need some advice. I’ve been editing a manuscript that I wrote a few years ago about a young woman’s life through her own words. It’s a story told through her blog and journal entries. Here’s my problem, now that I’m going back through and finally editing it I realized that it’s kind of boring. I mean I can make it spicier I’m sure, but my problem is that I’m not sure if I want to waste my time on this if I’m not even sure if it will be interesting enough for anyone else to read. See the young woman is 24 and engaged to one man while trying to have a friendship with another that she used to love. She’s had a LOT of pain in the past and she starts the blog to deal with the pain of the past. But now she’s also using it as a way to sort out her feelings for her fiance and her friend (who by the way isn’t really her friend, he just wants her in his bed, but it takes her a while to realize this). This is her story to finally realize what she wants to do with her life, and how she plans on becoming the woman she wants to become. So I’m just wondering if I should waste my time editing this book and trying to get it published or if I should just leave it alone and go back to writing the story that I love, but am just having trouble writing right now.


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